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  North Central Donor Exchange Cooperative


Welcome to the North Central Donor Exchange Cooperative (NCDEC). This program is a collaboration between kidney transplant centers in the Upper-Midwest region of the United States, including transplant centers in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. This program is designed to match donor and recipient pairs that are incompatible with each other to another donor recipient pair in a similar situation. If the donor from one pair can donate to the recipient from the other pair and vice versa, then we enable the “exchange” to occur saving both recipients from waiting for a kidney from a deceased donor, a wait that could potentially take years.

By having a regional program encompassing the 5-state area, we are able to create a larger pool of donor-recipient pairs to work with, increasing the chances that we will find a suitable exchange for the participants. Please feel free to explore this website for more details. If you are a patient in need of a kidney and you wish to participate in this program you will find information on how to do so in the Contacts area of the website.

  The next match run is scheduled to take place 6-2-2014